Adaptations and options for configurable vending trays

If a basic vending tray does not suit your needs, a configurable vending tray can include alterations to change its functionality.

The configurable vending trays are offered in the same sizes as the Basic vendingtrays but can also include options or alterations, for instance:

Round or square holes, for instance for cups or in this case, square bags for chips:

Vending tray with square holes for PrStunt, Amsterdam

Fully cover the inside or outside with self adhesive film or sticker:

Self adhesive film on the inside of a vending tray

- Compartments
- additional levels, with or without holes

Tray for vending 500 cc botles for Blue Boat Company

Vending tray, used up side down, with 6 cut-outs for gastronorm containers for Westland Marketing