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Branding, color

Send us files

Sometimes we'll need some things from you before we can start or finish your vending tray.

In particular, if you need branding on your tray.

We'd need:

  • PDF
  • Vector based image
  • Color in CMYK

Optional if you supply complete lay out:

Corporate Identity

If you like Svendingtray can make a vending tray in line with a corporate identity.

There are a few things to keep in mind to prevent the price of the tray from going through the roof.

Using color

Not every company is as strict as another when it comes to using it's corporate colors

But if it is keep the following in mind:

Overhead banner, flag

Pole holders in your tray, for a flag or over head banner

During production the tray can be fitted with a pole holder for 8 mm poles, one in each corner.

Over head banner

The poles to fit in the holes can also be ordered, with or without a banner. The standard poles come in two pieces which fit diagonally within the large vendingtray, for storage and transport.

buikbak met vlag of spandoek


Svendingtray makes trays from sheet material, primarily plywood.

Usually this is whitewash or black, but a few other kinds are available.

Besides these standard plywoods we can make your trays from HPL covered plywood.

This results in sturdy trays in almost endless variety of colors and textures.