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Varianten, opties en aanpassingen

Overhead banner, flag

Pole holders in your tray, for a flag or over head banner

During production the tray can be fitted with a pole holder for 8 mm poles, one in each corner.

Over head banner

The poles to fit in the holes can also be ordered, with or without a banner. The standard poles come in two pieces which fit diagonally within the large vendingtray, for storage and transport.

buikbak met vlag of spandoek

New from Svendingtray

Now also available:
Custom made serving trays, with the same color options as our vending trays.
This is always a custom product with quantities starting at 1.

Alternative to the standard grid partition

A cosmetics firm requested a solution to present perfume bottles.
Here the bottles are positioned in the tray by placing small inserts in the bottom of the tray, resulting in less visual impact of the dividers.