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Calculate and order your Svendingtray

Additional info:

Further down this page you find explanations to most of the terms used in the calculator.

Terms of sale:

The price mentioned below is for the chosen delivery date and payment terms. All deliveries by Svendingtray are subject to the terms of sale, please read them here

  • Step 1: Click "English" tab below to switch to English
  • Note: The Nederlands and English tab show their own calculations
  • Step 2: Choose the desired vending tray options.

  • Step 3, optional:

If you want to make sure this price stays valid for up to 30 days, or you may need the order made in a short time, please continue with the next steps:

Click the "Print" button and then print the output as pdf.  Include this pdf in your communication with Svendingtray.

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