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Buikbak toepassing en gebruik

Using a Svendingtray

Good to know:


  • The wooden vending trays are made from plywood. This is not completely waterproof!
  • You can wipe the tray with a damp cloth.
  • An excess of water can damage a tray beyond repair!
  • If the tray gets wet, please wipe immediately and allow to dry.

Wearing a Svendingtray

  1. Put both straps around your neck
  2. Insert your arm between a front and rear connection point and guide the strap to lay flat on your shoulder and back. Repeat with the other side.

Vending tray logistics

When selecting a vending tray, or a supplier, the next subject is easy to miss.

There are a few things regarding logistics that may prove vital in your decision, around the order itself, or using the trays.

Ordering/taking delivery

Especially with larger quantities, the volume can add up.
Do you have the space to store your order prior to your activation?

New from Svendingtray

Now also available:
Custom made serving trays, with the same color options as our vending trays.
This is always a custom product with quantities starting at 1.

Alternative to the standard grid partition

A cosmetics firm requested a solution to present perfume bottles.
Here the bottles are positioned in the tray by placing small inserts in the bottom of the tray, resulting in less visual impact of the dividers.