HPL Vending trays, colorfull and scratch restistant

For some applications you may need the most resilient material.
For others you may require vibrant color.

World premiere:

For the first time you can get both in the same vending tray.

Svendingtray is working on a process to use HPL (High Pressure Laminate) for making vending trays.
And as you may expect from Svendingtray, this is possible in small quantities!

HPL is very scratch resistant and is available in hundreds, maybe even thousands of colors and decors.
And it offers the possibility to use two different ones in a single tray.

Svendingtray offer three options in HPL

  • Standard White, grey and black (please refer to the sample pdf
  • Color line, rich colors, attractively priced
  • Custom, any available HPL used in your tray
  • All colors can be used as a single color or two different ones on each side.

Please refer to the sample download above the image.

HPL vending trays by Svendingtray: The Best. Period.

Processing HPL is still in development. Urgent deliveries can not be fulfilled.

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