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Nesting vending trays: Simpler to store, smaller to transport

A vendingtray is rather large and is relatively light weight for its size.
That is nice when using the tray but it can turn inconvenient before and after use.

That is why Svendingtray now offer nesting vending trays. A world first!

The biggest tray in the nested set is slightly larger than the normal Large vending tray.
Each next tray is so much smaller that it neatly fits in to the larger one, after removing the carrying straps.
The height remains the same for each of the nested trays: 60 mm

The set of three has the next sizes:
540x440x60 mm
520x420x60 mm
500x400x60 mm

By nesting the trays, they are easier to store and transport.
And if your trays need to be shipped by air, the nested vending trays come close to their volume weight.
It can happen that the extra cost of the nested set is paid back by the savings on shipping!