Vending tray logistics

When selecting a vending tray, or a supplier, the next subject is easy to miss.

There are a few things regarding logistics that may prove vital in your decision, around the order itself, or using the trays.

Ordering/taking delivery

Especially with larger quantities, the volume can add up.
Do you have the space to store your order prior to your activation?

If they need to be shipped by plane, the volume can increase shipping cost.

Logistics in action

If you are going to sample something, do you need that to go quickly and reach masses of people?
Or do you want to create a longer interaction?

If you want to move as much inventory as possible, how will you restock the trays?
Maybe it is a good idea to use a large volume tray. Or have a spare tray that is kept full to switch quickly?

Where and how will you keep the stock?

Logistics before and after your activation

If you are planning an activation where you will send out a team on several days and/or to several locations, it may be wise to think about how to transport the vending trays.
The biggest wear and tear on a vending tray is not during use, but before and after use.

If your teams will change location often, it could be that attention to storage and transportation gives a longer lifespan.

Here are some ideas and options to make transportation and storage easier:

  • Have feet added, so a stack stays together more easily?
  • Use a set of nested vending trays, for lower volume
  • Pack each tray in a sack after use
  • Use a custom made crate to transport the trays

Please get in touch if you have any thoughts or questions.