Super fast & folding full color vending trays

These trays are shipped flat and need to be set up for use by folding, just like some cardboard boxes.
If you plan to make use of the trays for a longer time, it is a good idea to apply some wood glue to some of the joints during folding.
The straps are included and are easy to connect to the finished tray.


  • One size: 550x360x55 mm in use, 780x600x4 mm shipped
  • Made from 4 mm thick MDF. (Dry use only)
  • Laminated full color print on one side, the inside bottom is bare
  • Takes about 2 minutes to set up
  • Black straps included, may be shipped in separate package


* If you are already interested, please contact Svendingtray!
We can start work on your tray immediately but since this is an all new product, we may need a bit more time to solve teething problems.