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Vending trays with a contoured edge

This tray is available as a semi-standard variation of the 60 mm high L, M and vending trays.

In this semi-standard line, there are three shapes available:

  • Circular arc (A, D, E and F)
  • Triangular shape (C)
  • Rectangular shape (B)
  • The shape can be positioned anywhere on either the front or back
  • The the maximum height of the shape is 50 mm above the 60 mm standard height
  • The base of the shape is at least 10 mm from the side of the tray (E)
  • The position of the shape is defined from the middle of the vending tray
  • The size of the circle is defined by radius and position of the center
  • The size of the rectangular and triangular shape are defined by the positions of the corners from the middle of the vending tray


These shapes can be either on the front or at the back, no more than 50 mm higher than the 60 mm high edge of the standard sizes, at any horizontal position.

You can also order a custom version, if you need different contours, or contours on more sides.

As always, the minimum order quantity is 1!

Other shapes, sizes and positions are available as a custom tray.