Corporate Identity

If you like Svendingtray can make a vending tray in line with a corporate identity.

There are a few things to keep in mind to prevent the price of the tray from going through the roof.

Using color

Not every company is as strict as another when it comes to using it's corporate colors

But if it is keep the following in mind:

Color systems do not always work wel when being compared

Generally speaking, most colors are defined as RGB for use on digital screens or CMYK in print.
For print, there is also the PMS system.

The full color vending trays are made with the CMYK system, without support for PMS colors.
If you need PMS colors, we will gladly look for an alternative print to use for your trays.

Self adhesive film is always different than the corporate color.
Or rather, it is very rare that the color you need is available in small quantities or on short notice.
It is also very rare that there is no alternative that comes so close so no one will notice.

Paint is always different than the corporate color.
Unless you can specify a RAL color from the corporate identity manual, it will need plain hard work to get the colors mixed correctly.
The more precise it needs to be, the more expensive it will get.

Then again, chances are slim that the casual observer woll notice.

Line width in engraved logo's

With logo's that are engraved in to the tray, the width of the line is determined by how deep the v-shaped bit engraves the material.

The deeper the bit, the wider the line.

The plywood that is used can vary in thickness and with thinner lines, that variation can become visible int the width of the engraved line.

When the material is one tenth of a mm thinner, the line will end up being one tenth of a mm narrower.

This can happen more easily with larger batches of vending trays.