Svendingtray in 7 themes

  • HPL Vending trays, colorfull and scratch restistant

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    For some applications you may need the most resilient material.
    For others you may require lots of color.

    World premiere:

    For the first time you can get both in a single vending tray.

    Svendingtray is working on a process to use HPL (High Pressure Laminate) for making vending trays.
    And as you may expect from Svendingtray, this is possible in small quantities!

  • Materials for vending trays

    Svendingtray uses sheet material for all the vendingtrays:

    • Birch-mix plywood
    • Poplar plywood

    Birch-mix plywood

    We use Whitewash and Black as the standard material for most vending trays but it is also available in a few other colors.
    This plywood has a birch top veneer and a core made up of different woods, sometimes birch, but also poplar and other materials.

  • Send us files

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    Sometimes we'll need some things from you before we can start or finish your vending tray.

    In particular, if you need branding on your tray.

    We'd need:

    A .pdf - or .eps file, made up in vectors.

    The finished stickers will have the folowing dimensions:

    Large low: 527 x 57 mm
    Large high: 527 x 82 mm
    Medium low: 427 x 57 mm
    Medium high: 427 x 82 mm

  • Overhead banner, flag

    Pole holders in your tray, for a flag or over head banner
    During production the tray can be fitted with a pole holder for 8 mm poles, one in each corner.

    Over head banner
    The poles to fit in the holes can also be ordered, with or without a banner.
    The standard poles come in two pieces which fit diagonally within the large vendingtray, for storage and transport.

    buikbak met vlag of spandoek

  • Corporate Identity

    If you like Svendingtray can make a vending tray in line with a corporate identity.

    There are a few things to keep in mind to prevent the price of the tray from going through the roof.

    Using color

    Not every company is as strict as another when it comes to using it's corporate colors

    But if it is keep the following in mind:

    Color systems do not always work wel when being compared

    Generally speaking, most colors are defined as RGB for use on digital screens or CMYK in print.
    For print, there is also the PMS system.

  • Full color vendingtray

    In a unique process Svendingtray can apply full color print to the entire visible surface of a vending tray.

    That means that you can apply anything that can be printed to any surface of the tray, giving you unique control over the brand expererience.

    To protect the printed paper against wear it is laminated with a thin plastic film.

    Svendingtray offer full color vendingtrays in two versions:

  • Standard vending trays by Svendingtray

    Svendingtrays have an understated appearance so all attention goes to the brand you are presenting.

    Two adjustable straps makes them comfortable to wear.

    4 standard sizes:

    Large low: 530 x 430 x 60 mm (510 x 410 x 50 mm inside)
    Large high: 530 x 430 x 85 mm (510 x 410 x 75 mm inside)
    Medium low: 430 x 330 x 60 mm (410 x 310 x 50 mm inside)
    Medium low: 430 x 330 x 85 mm (410 x 310 x 75 mm inside)

    Other sizes and precision fit are custom.

  • Super fast & folding full color vending trays

    At this very moment Svendingtray is finishing a new full color vending tray concept.

    These trays are shipped flat and need to be set up for use by folding, just like some cardboard boxes.
    If you plan to make use of the trays for a longer time, it is a good idea to apply some wood glue to some of the joints during folding.
    The straps are included and are easy to connect to the finished tray.