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  • Of je nu een standaard oplossing zoekt...

  • ...Of iets speciaals...

  • ...Svendingtray maakt de mooiste buikbakken!

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Voorbeelden en materiaal


Svendingtray makes trays from sheet material, primarily plywood.

Usually this is whitewash or black, but a few other kinds are available.

Besides these standard plywoods we can make your trays from HPL covered plywood.

This results in sturdy trays in almost endless variety of colors and textures.

Overhead banner, flag

Pole holders in your tray, for a flag or over head banner

During production the tray can be fitted with a pole holder for 8 mm poles, one in each corner.

Over head banner

The poles to fit in the holes can also be ordered, with or without a banner. The standard poles come in two pieces which fit diagonally within the large vendingtray, for storage and transport.

buikbak met vlag of spandoek

Custom vending trays: Is there anything we can't do?

The ways in which a Svendingtray can be customized is almost limitless.

A weird size, a special color or leather straps. Almost anything can be made.

In the images:

  • A tray to collect business card, with a contoured image of the company's location
  • A "Vending Crate" for a supplier of potato products.
  • A mobile work surface to carry and prepare pieces of sausage. Leather straps, a small rack to carry the sausages and a cutting board.
  • Vending tray with contoured edge and battery powered LED lighting.